FNC Headache Center is dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of people with headache disorders, to advancing current knowledge of headache through research and to moving scientific advances into clinical practice. Every patient will receive thorough evaluation by a physician who is board certified in headache medicine.

We aspire to help our patients minimize their pain and optimize their ability to function in a patient-centered environment. In the FNC Headache Clinic, patients learn how to modify their lifestyle and living environment to suppress migraine development. Dr. Lance Kim, director of the clinic, aims to empower patients by coaching them to:

  • Identify "triggers" that may initiate the onset of a migraine headache
  • Learn activities and behaviors that reduce their risk of experiencing a migraine
  • Anticipate an episode in time for prevention
  • Adopt coping methods for pain reduction when a migraine does occur

An expert in migraine care, Dr. Kim conducts evaluations to determine the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for each individual. He is an advocate for neuropreventive health education - teaching physical, mental and social activities that help the brain protect itself against neurological disorders.


Dr. Kim's individualized treatment plans may incorporate medication to supplement this approach. If needed, University of Chicago specialists in pain management and physical therapy may assist in treatment.