FNC specializes in Alzheimer's disease and all other forms of dementia, memory disorders, neuropsychiatry of brain disorders, behavioral disorders of epilepsy, cognitive changes of aging, adult learning disabilities, adult attention deficit disorders and clinical trials of cognitive enhancers.
To server those needs we offer a variety of services and can help your primary care physician provide state-of-the-art dementia care:

  • Evaluation and follow-up care by a behavioral neurologist who specializes in dementia
  • Extensive diagnostic evaluation including High Resolution MRI & PET scans
  • Management of medication for memory disorders
  • The opportunity to participate in clinical research/clinical trials
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment for mood and behavior disorders associated with neurological disease
  • Education and counseling for patients and families
    Information and referral to other supportive services
Alzheimer disease as a neuropathology memory loss due to brain degeneration and decline as a surreal medical neurology illness concept.