About Neuromuscular Diseases

Neuromuscular diseases are a wide-ranging group of diseases that affect nerves and muscles. They can arise following an injury, from other diseases such as diabetes, or from inherited or autoimmune diseases. Neuromuscular diseases can cause pain, weakness, numbness, and sometimes more severe symptoms such as difficulty talking, eating or breathing.

FNC Neuromuscular Disorders Center

THe Neuromuscular Clinic sees over 1,000 outpatients per year. Specific diseases treated include ALS-Lou Gehrig's Disease, muscular disorders, including myotosis; nerve disorders, including peripheral neuropathies and pain, CIDP, and myasthenia gravis. Most other patients have disorders of muscles or peripheral nerves; some have ataxia and spinal cord disorders.

We provide a full rnage of services, including electrodiagnostic testing, medical therapy including IVIG, Plasma Exchange, Steroid, and Immunomodulators. Other treatments include physical and occupational therapy, as well as respiratory and nutritional care. Patients may also receive orthotics, medical and rehabilitation supplies, and wheelchair evaluations.

Our active electrodiagnostic services include:

  • Electromyography (EMG) by physician board certified in the field
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Repetitive nerve stimulation
  • Antibody testing and neuromuscular pathology services